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Hi there was trying to find out when I may be able to order some Astro pops for myself ? Can’t wait for them to come out. Thank you for your time.

Comments : Would love to find out where I can purchase some of these. My mom has been looking for them for years. They used to have them at our local dollar tree. I noticed that they were supposed to be back out in 2010. Where can I find them?

Comments : Please let me know how I can order some Astro Pop’s. My husband is a HUGE fan of them & I’d love to be able to surprise him & get him some for Christmas. He’s been so sad since they stopped making them. Thanks! Angie White   Evansville, IN

Comments : I am so excited the astro pop is coming back! I am pregnant, and the only thing I want is an astro pop! I loved the lemonade confetti ones, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE AGAIN! I cannot wait to have one!!!

Comments : nearly every day I check your website hoping to find them available for purchase.  Anyway, I will continue to wait impatiently for the moment when I can once again enjoy my all time favorite candy.  I recall as a child riding my bike 3 miles to the 7 eleven just to buy as many Astro Pops as my allowance afforded.  Thanks for deciding to bring life back to Astro Pop. And, now that my allowance is somewhat larger, I  plan to buy many more!!

Do you have a release date for this product yet? I need these for a school party I need 18 but can buy 2 dozen just need a price !!

Comments : So very happy to see you are bringing back Astro Pops! They were my favorite candy when I was a kid and I was sad to find out they were no longer being made. Thank you for bringing them back!

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for bringing the Astro Pop back … A few years ago I didn’t know that the Astro pop had been discontinued but had been looking everywhere for them and I couldn’t find them any where … anyway that Christmas my youngest son got on the internet and tried his hardest to find anyone that may have had some as he wanted so bad to buy my a case of them for Christmas …. If they are out in time this year I will be sooo happy … they by far were my favorite candy of all time.. Again thanks .. it is the little things these days that make life good 🙂

Comments : I really need some Astro pops. I am seeing a girl, and her grandfather who raised her, and is her inspiration in life bought her Astro pops as a small child. It would make her birthday if I could supply her with Astro pops for her birth day on November 5th.

Comments : Wow. I think I consumed 1000’s of these pops. I could definitely be a Astro spokes person.  Glad you are bringing them back. I never did understand the wax thing. always a pain to bite that off first before enjoying the pop. Not sure if that was for manufacturing purposes. Leave it out if you can. Let me know. I’ll buy a case.

Comments : Will you be using the original recipe? I have been waiting and wishing for this to happen for years!!!! Thank you for bringing it back!!!

I live in Texas and have been trying to find these. Is there a way to just purchase them online?


I remember this candy as a child and ended up on your web page. I see that they are coming back in the Fall/Winter of 2010, however where is this coming out? What state?

YEAH!!!!!  Just wondering when these will be available and how much they are going to be?

Have an outer space birthday party coming up on 10/29, and it would not be complete without astro pops in the goodybag.  Any chance we can get 36?  Even be ok w test batches.  Please let me know as soon as we can get some!  Thank you!


Comments : Hi,

I live in Newfoundland Canada and I want to purchase some Astropops in time for Christmas.  Do you have any to sell me and if so how much and send details.  🙂 thanks.

My name is Lisa and I have been looking for astro pops for years.

They have always been my favorite candy. I was just wondering when will they be availble to buy and will you be able to get them in stores. You have no idea how excited I am that you have brought this candy back. Please let me know any info you may have.

I am so excited and anxious for some Astro Pops!!!!!  I am 50 years old and I grew up with Astro Pops.  They were my favorite candy!!!!!!  Everyone down here in New Orleans is happy and waiting.

Comments : I need AstroPops for a space themed Fall Festival at my preschool. Any chance of ordering some?

My dad was a baseball coach when I was growing up and that was my favorite candy at the ballpark. That was the 1 thing I HAD to have every time I went. I have a son who is fixing to start playing his 3rd year and I always think of it every time we are out there. I’m so glad yall are doing this. I can not wait!!!

Comments : Outstanding!! I have to get my hands on Astro Pops! When will they be available if not already and how much? Please contact.


Comments : Do you know when the astro pop will be available for purchase, it was my favorite candy as a kid and I want 2 boxes of them when they become available. Please send me a email if you know a date. Thanks a lot.  Brent

Comments : Just wanted to express how happy I am that these pops will once again be available.  I grew up on Astro Pops and can’t wait to send some to my husband currently serving in Afghanistan.  It will be a nice jog down memory lane for him and a reminder of home.

Do you plan on putting these back in stores?  I can’t wait to have one again!


I have told my kids about the mysterious candy that was an Astro Pop.  I remember before they flipped them upside down , they were like daggers!  My father, who was divorced from my mom, would always stop at the gas station and get me a couple of astro pops and a soda for the ride home when he had me on weekends.

I have a question….. When are these going to be available to order? I have been looking for these for a LONG time. I have a friend who I have not seen in 15 years that will be coming down soon, and was hoping to surprise with some when I saw them. Thank you very much and I am so excited!!!

Comments : I was wonder when/where I would be able to buy the astro pops my husband turns 30 on October 18th 2010 and he loved them and I would love to buy some for his birthday. I was so mad when they stopped making them.

Comments : Inquiring for the Astropop candy for our space themed fall festival at our elementary school

Comments : Are they back yet?? Would love to get some!!

Comments : I love them so happy to hear they r coming back they r the only candy I ever chipped a tooth on and I don’t even care!

Comments : My favorite pop ever.  Every year I Google to find out if it’s back.  I am soooo happy.  Please let me know when and how to order and I will place an immediate order.

Thanks so much!

Wonderful news about bringing back the astro pop! When and how do I place an immediate order.


I was interested in purchasing some AstroPops for my mother for her birthday–they are her favorite! How can I go about purchasing some?


Comments : Enter comments here! Is it true? Are astro pops  coming back? Please contact me via e-mail about these great pops. I have a small nostalgic and retro candy business and will love to have these pops for my customers.


a couple month ago I saw the astro pop was coming back I’m so eager to get one I had to ask, its fall of 2010 aren’t they supposed to be back I checked every where they’re not back, what day will they be at stores and online???

Today is the 1st day of fall and we can’t wait for the return of the astro pop.

Comments : I have been searching for Astropops in every candy store I have been in for years. Please let me know when I can expect to get them in a store close to me. Thank you for keeping my childhood memories alive.

Comments : I absolutely love astro pops I used to eat them all the time when I was a kid and now I can’t find them anywhere.

I know from your press release off your website it says this fall. Can you tell me when & what stores? When i would go to my high school football games this was the treat I would get every time I went to the concession stand.

I need 150 original astro pops for November 21,2010, PLEASE tell me I’ll be able to get them???? Can I get them NOW and put them up until then??? They’re for my 50th b’day party and would be the special gift inside of my guests gift bags…

My boss is a HUGE fan of these and mentioned so a month after I started so I have been searching to acquire these pops for him. He bet me I wouldn’t be able to ever find them or get them and he has done so many kind things for me since I started here I simply HAVE to get these for him. When would they be available for the public. Where can I get them, would you be doing online sales? I’m VERY interested in their comeback.


When will Astro pops be found in stores? What stores in and around Bryan, Ohio will Astro pops be found? Thank you. We cannot wait for Astro pops. They were our favorite sucker.

when you will selling your candy again??  I am not a candy lover but I use to drive 20 miles out of my way just to buy your candy.

Comments : When will astro pops be released?  when can I get them.  They have been my favorite candy of all time.  sorry to hear they were discontinued…elated to hear their coming back.  thank you sooo much.  now I can share them with my kids.

Thanks so much for taking the time today to talk about Astropops. Please let me know when the Astropops are available for shipment. My customers are already asking for them.


To whom it may concern,

Could you let me know when I can purchase a case of your Astropops….my wife loves them and has been waiting for you to bring them back.


Comments : would like to be inquired when this product is available!! I’d like to purchase 2 cases!!


Comments : Was wondering if these insanely great candy sucker will ever be available again?? Thanks in advance !

Comments : THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for saving my favorite candy (since I was 4 years old) !!!!!!!!! I can’t wait until Spring 2010 !!!!

Hi this is my email and I just got off the phone with you, please send me a email the day that we can start putting in orders and I will order a bunch. Thanks again

Comments : I would love to be notified when the Astro Pops will be available for purchase. It’s great to know THEY’RE Coming Back !!!!! Yes Yes Yes !!!

Comments : Is it really true?  The Astro Pop is coming back to our lives!  I am so excited about it, as I am sure so many others are too.  Any idea of a date as to when they are coming back?  Thank you.

Comments : Hello! I miss Astro Pops!!!! Please let me know when you guys are up and running!

Comments : Do you have a distributor in the central Florida area? I am located in the Lakeland Florida area, home office of Pubix supermarkets. I remember how my son liked them and how well they sold. Feel free to contact mw at the number provided above.

Comments : Enter comments here!Hey ya’ll, that’s great news about Astro Pops coming back fall 2010!! I have been eating um’ for years. I’m 38 and still love um’.I didn’t know about different flavors?? can you please send me a couple o’ free ones?? Or maybe a coupon

I am a 46 year old electrician who lives in southern middle Tennessee.  Since childhood, I have had a severe food allergy to eggs.  As you can imagine, I cannot eat anything I want.  I was absolutely heart broken when Astro Pops were taken off the shelves.  I heard a rumor that a kid choked on one and the parent’s lawsuit was the reason for discontinuation.  It’s a crying shame that common sense has been thrown out for monetary gain.  Hopefully I’ll be around another 46 years to once again enjoy what I have missed so much!  Congratulations!

Richard T.

Comments : Is this True?  I love Astro Pops.  Will they be like the original with the pointy side up and wax bottom?  Please let me know.  I hope so because that was the best. Can I get email updates for the launch

Comments : Please contact me when I can order or purchase in Chicagoland area.  My son is having a space-themed birthday party in October (surely you’ll be ready before Halloween season?)and I want to get these for the adults and kids….Please let me know.  Thank you !!!!!

Comments : Hi!  I couldn’t change the State selection above to a province–I am from Canada.  I saw on your website that you are bringing Astro Pops back in fall 2010!!!  I am so excited I feel like a little kid again–are you bringing them back to Canada too???  pleeeeeeeeze I love Astro Pops and I was so sad that they were discontinued.  There is a retro candy shop here in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada called Sugar Mountain, and they carry all sorts of retro candies.  Would you maybe ship to them?  Please reply when you have a moment, I can’t wait to have another Astro Pop. LOL Have a great day and thanks!


Comments : please let me know when and where I can get the astro pops….ASAP. I will buy them buy the case. Can I ship directly to my home when astro pops are ready? thanks in advance for your help. I’m loving them!!

Tina D

Hi, I was just wondering if you could please send me an email letting me know when you are shipping out the AstroPops so I could be looking forward to getting them for my brother who has loved them since he was a child.  I am looking forward to seeing them again on the candy shelves.  Thank you so much.

I was just daydreaming about AstroPops and typed it into Google. When I saw the press release in Business Wire I almost fell out of my chair! Thank you so much for bringing this product back to market.  I can’t hardly wait to taste my favorite candy ever again!  I used to buy boxes of them from Spangler years ago and was devastated when they stopped making them.  Hurry them up to Florida!

Comments : My best girlfriend is getting married in September and would love to get her a case of these for her wedding… please let me know when they are available by email.  These were such a big part of our childhood!  Thank you for bringing them back!


It says you are bringing them back in the fall but doesn’t saw when in the fall.  Can we order them now? How much for a pack of them?  SO excited you r bringing them back, I’m pregnant and have been craving them for months lol.  Thanks so much,



I loved these as a kid and keep telling my kids and new wife about them. I am sooo excited! I tried the Spangler s version….didn’t like them. I fell in love with them as the were originally.

Please let me know as soon as I can get some.

R. Shawn

I am extremely surprised and very much looking forward to the return of the Astro Pop. The last time I had one was when I was on vacation in Virginia. This was about 8-9 years ago and I wound up buying up every one they had. When this supply ran out, I was in disbelief when I found out through your website no more were to be made.

I got my first taste of an Astro Pop when I was a kid growing up in the 1960’s. I even remember an Astro Pop having a creamy flavor which clouded the normally clear pop. Will this flavor come out too ?

Please notify me by email when they become available so I can order my first case !

Thank you for helping old memories come to life once more.

Thomas R.

Comments : I am ecstatic that you are bringing Astro Pops back.  I have had the word out to all my family and friends that if they see them anywhere….to buy all that they can for me.  Will I be able to order from Canada onyour site?   If not, how can I get some…. I sound like an addict.  I am so happy and can’t wait for the Fall.

Please tell me you will have an adult version….you know, where the pop is on the stick the right way!!!   :)))

Comments : I’m excited to discover that you are bringing back Astro Pops!  Is there any chance of buying a case before July 21st?  My family always used to get them on summer camping trips (20 years ago) and now are going camping again this summer.  I would love to get a box in time for the trip.

Here’s hoping!


Just spoke with you and wanted to know when they would be for sale just let me know. I love the ones that are red, white and blue!!!!

Comments : How will I be able to find out who sells the astro pops in my area?  I really love them and can’t wait for them to come back.

Thank you so much for bringing back this piece of my childhood history.

When they are available – I am buying a case!!

I was actually searching for information online on how to make astro pops (or a reasonable substitute) so that I could may them at home for my kids – now we get the real thing!!

I wish you much success.

I love Astro pop and I live in Mexico but I don’t know buy in Mexico before I bought here please can you talk to me where I buy please please

Please advise where they will be selling in El Paso, Texas. I love those pops — I grew up with them!!!

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