Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Astro Pops®?

Astro Pops are currently selling in specialty-candy stores and chains across the country.

  • Cracker Barrel  started carrying them across the country as of October 2016.
  • Cost Plus World Market
  • Rocket Fizz stores
  • It's Sugar
  • Dylan's Candy Bar
  • Sweet Factory
  • The major candy distributors across the US should all stock Astro Pops® and sell them to many of your local candy stores as well. In addition, we sell Astro Pops®, by the display box; (24 count) on our website, for those that can’t wait to pick them up at your local store. Next time you're in your favorite ‘Big Box’ store, please ask them to stock Astro Pops® so they will ask their buyers to bring them in. This includes Costco and Sam’s Club!

What is the retail price of an Astro Pop® at my local store?

We have different sizes of Astro Pops® for different markets, with the specialty-candy stores and smaller stores selling the larger (1.5 oz.) pops and the mass merchandisers, selling the 1oz. (original size) pop. We’ve seen retail prices at candy and smaller specialty stores from $2.25-$3.50 per pop since they are 50% larger than the original (1oz.). Mass Merchandisers such as Wal-Mart and Target will probably have a suggested retail of $1.49-$1.75 for the smaller original (1oz.) pop. We cannot tell any store how to price Astro Pops®, and these prices are only estimations.

We have a store and would like to stock Astro Pops®. Where can I place an order?

First Source, LLC is our exclusive sales agent for the US, but all your favorite distributors should have it in stock also.

Exclusive Sales Agents:

First Source,LLC
8825 Mercury Ln
Pico Rivera,CA 90660

First Source,LLC
3612 La Grange Parkway
Toano,VA 23168

First Source,LLC
1100 Military Road
Buffalo,NY 14217


First Source,LLC
8825 Mercury Ln
Pico Rivera,CA 90660

First Source,LLC
3612 La Grange Parkway
Toano,VA 23168

First Source,LLC
1100 Military Road
Buffalo, NY 14217

Redstone Foods,Inc.
1421 Patton Place, Suite 100
Carrollton,TX 75007

Nassau Candy
530 W. John Street
Hicksville, NY 11801
P. (516)-433-7100
F. (516)-592-6458

Bobrow Distributing Corp
8 Enterprise Ave Clifton Park
NY 12065 Phone:(518)-664-3980
E-mail orders

Thayer Distribution
333 Swedesboro Ave.
Gibbstown, NJ 08027

Why is it taking so long for Astro Pops® to get to my local store?

Everything takes time. Since they've been off the market since 2004, it takes time for stores to bring them back in. Astro Pops® are currently sold in many specialty candy stores such as Sweet Factory, Rocket Fizz, Dylan's Candy Bar, Cost Plus World Market and others around the country. We suggest you first try giving your local candy store a call, asking if they carry Astro Pops® and if they are in-stock. If your local candy store doesn’t carry Astro Pops®, you should request they start carrying them!
You can also call your favorite chain store and request they start selling Astro Pops® too.

Can I purchase Astro Pops® directly from you?

Yes! We only sell Astro Pops by the case: (24 pops in a case) through our website. If you do not live near a store that carries Astro Pops®, we would be more than happy to ship you all the pops you want! The best way to purchase them as distribution widens is to ask your local store to start carrying Astro Pops® or for smaller quantities, (if you don’t want to buy a full case directly from us), you can order them through many of the on-line candy stores as-well-as Amazon and E-Bay.

What flavors of Astro Pops® are you currently making?

We have already started selling the Original Astro Pops® with the three classic flavor combo; (pineapple, passion fruit and cherry). Over the next year or so, we will start releasing some of the other flavors.

Here is the list of the other flavors Spangler Candy made which we plan to bring back:

• Astro Sour Pop™: (sour grape, lemon and cherry)
• Rappin Raspberry™: (blue Raspberry, red raspberry, blueberry)
• Banana Split Astro Pop™: (banana, cherry and vanilla)
• Caramel Apple: (caramel and green apple)
• Astro Confetti Pop™: (lemonade with confetti candy)
• Halloween Astro Pop™: (orange, vanilla and chocolate)
• Citrus Sensation™: (orange, cherry, lemon)
• Easter Astro Pop: (grape, vanilla, lemon)
• Astro Pop, Awesome Hot™: (hot cinnamon flavor)
• Astro Sundae Pop™: (chocolate, vanilla and cherry)
• Astro Patriot Pop™: (cherry, vanilla and blueberry)

We live in another country, how can we purchase Astro Pops®?

Astro Pops® will be sold internationally hopefully by 2017. Unfortunately due to high shipping cost, we are not able to ship outside the US (well, unless you want to spend over $100 just for shipping). Yeah, pretty high and we're upset about it too.

Please contact us directly and we will try and help you find them in your country at the end of the year.

I have a great idea for a flavor combination, will you take suggestions?

We have so many loyal Astro Pop® customers, we would love to hear your ideas. Please post them on the ‘Official Astro Pop Fan Page’ on Facebook. If we use your flavor combination, we might just send you a free case to say "thanks!"

We’re in Canada, where can we purchase them?

We have distribution in Canada. Feel free to contact our distributor to find out where they are sold near you.

Distributions Mondoux Inc
1610 Place De Lierre
Laval Québec H7G 4X7
(450) 669-1311


I love anything Astro Pops®! Where can I get Astro Pops® shirts and novelty items?

We currently have several types of Astro Pop® items including t-shirts, stickers, hats and all kinds of fun stuff. our newly designed website includes all kinds of novelty items for purchase. If you are a store, give us a call to order novelty items in bulk, at wholesale pricing.

In addition, you can find many of our Astro Pop t-shirt designs on E-Bay by looking up "Astro Pop" on E-Bay.

When will Asteroids be released?

Asteroids, our little piece of Astro Pop® with all three original flavors will be released shortly. We're almost done developing them.

What is the best way to peel off the Astro Pop® wrapper? I'm having problems taking it off.

Our new Astro Pop® wrapper is now a one-piece cone so you might find it challenging the first time to try to peel it off.

1. Take the seal off the stick and open the wrapper.
2. Find the seam and make a tear at the seam.
3. Slowly peel the wrapper straight down like a banana
4. Enjoy!

After a few times you will find it very easy to take it off. Just takes a little skill.

There was a shortage of Astro Pops for a while and they were hard to find, what happened?

We had production issues and could not keep up with demand. We now have a larger factory to accommodate the growing sales volumes so we shouldn't see any further shortages.

I'm a retailer and like to buy direct. How can I do that?

Unfortunately, we do not sell direct to retailers or distributors. Please call your distributor to order.

How long will an Astro Pop® last?

Well, Astro Pops® are the longest lasting lollipop in the world! We had to conduct tons of testing (which was so hard) to find out the answer to your question. Our results for the 1.5 oz. pop was around 1.25 hours and for the 1 oz. pop, around 45 minutes.

Can I eat the wax at the bottom of the candy? What do I do with it?

Well, technically, yes, you can eat it but we don't recommend it. The wax is food-grade paraffin, used in many food applications. Everyone has their own method when they're almost at the end of the pop and get to the wax. Some people chew on it like a wax candy bottle then spit it out. Others simply bite on it to break it off the pop then spit it out. There is no nutritional value so eating it won't do anything, (even if you're on a desert island or on the moon).