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First Astro Pops® Since 2004 to Ship

The first Astro Pops® since 2004 are ready to ship.  The first Astro Pop® will be a special 2-lb. version of the original Astro Pop®, handmade in the US! The first 500 will include a certificate with the production number.  While the company hopes you don’t buy them to collect, they still know that so many of you are ‘die-hard’ Astro Pop® customers, and will buy one to collect and one to eat.  They had to do something very special for you.

The idea of the ‘Giant Astro Pop®’ came from a discussion they had with the manufacturer only a week ago.  As everyone has been waiting for the original size,they are a very complicated product to make since the original manufacturing equipment for Astro Pops® were sold for scrap years ago.  Each day, they received so many calls and emails BEGGING to give Astro Pops®, for Christmas, so they decided that they could make a special, handmade version just  to give as Christmas presents.  So……five days later, the wish for an Astro Pop® in-time for Christmas is reality!

Here are the details:

Starting now, you can pre-purchase the Giant Astro Pop at:

On-line at:
In stores at: Dylan’s Candy Bar (Go to: for locations)
Powells Sweet Shoppe (Go to: for locations)

***If you are a wholesale customer, please call ASAP to make sure you can purchase the product for your stores.

Production is limited each day initially so they will sell-out quite fast.  Make sure you go to your local Powell’s and Dylan’s to pre-order!!

Ellia Kassoff
Astro Pop, LLC.

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